These resources are for the individuals who have participated in the train-the-trainer program for the Fair and Impartial Policing Curriculums.

Susan Boyle Video

Show the video starting where she walks onto the stage (at about 33 seconds) and through the end to include the comments by the judges’ panel.  

Video showing Homeless

The video is posted on YouTube: Mad World Video—Gary Jules Homeless People (by Fender 1990).

Play approximately 60 seconds of photos without sound

“Crash” Scene with Robbery

Testimonial Videos with Sgt Kelly

Video #1




Video #2




Video #3


This is a video alternative to the live role play “Pantomime” under Recruits, Skill#1.  Play the first part of the video, which shows still-life photos of the scene.  At the black screen, stop the video and ask the trainees the questions in the curriculum regarding what they saw (see “Pantomime Discussion). After the discussion, continue the video to show the backstory.

Birmingham Cop and Gay Couple

Start the video at 1:09 and then stop the video right after the cop arrives. Do not show what he does; instead you are asking the trainees what THEY would do.

“Crash”:  Personal Problem

Geico Pig Stop

Man with hands in pocket.

Man shot reaching for driver’s license.

Milwaukee cop shares his experience of being profiled.

Eberhardt, Jennifer.  The Visual Perception Study

In these two links to on-line video, Dr. Eberhardt describes the study that is included in the FIP training that measures how quickly subjects recognize blurry objects (crime-related and non-crime-related) following a first phase during which they were exposed subliminally to white faces, black faces, or lines (the control group).  This study affirms a Black-crime association. 

Part I Video

Jennifer is introduced and provides an overview of her work and other relevant information.  She starts speaking about the study at 6:40.  

Part II Video

This video picks up where the first one leaves off.