Provided here are the evaluations from various trainings. (Note that all participant forms are included; none have been screened out.)

Command or Command-Community Evaluations

Lovejoy (GA) Command-Community, April 2017

Montgomery Co (PA) Chiefs’ Association and NAACP Command-Community, March 2017

Decatur (GA) Command-Community, March 2017

Grand Rapids Command-Community, March 2017

US Park Police Command, February 2017

Wichita PD Command-Level, February 2017

Alexandria (VA) PD Command-Community, November 2016

Bellingham (WA) Command-Community, November 2016

Arlington (TX) Multi-Agency Command, October 2016

San Antonio PD Command-Community, October 2016

SFPD Command-Community, August 2016

Dallas PD Command-Community #2, June 2016

Dallas PD Command-Community #1, June 2016

Lakewood (WA) PD Command-Community, June 2016

South LA Training Committee Multi-Agency Command, June 2016

Camden County PD, March 2016

Colorado State Police Command, March 2016

Delray Beach Command, February 2016

New Orleans Command, December 2015

Miami-Dade Command Training, November 2015

Tempe PD Command Training, September 2015

Boston-Command Training, May 2015

University of Chicago Command-Community Training, April 2015

Kent (WA) Command-Community Training, March 2015

Palm Beach Command-Community, March 2015

Tallahassee Command-Community, February 2015

Palm Beach County One-Day Summit, January 2015

LAPD One Day Command, December 2014

Kansas Police-Community One-Day Summit, September 2014

Tampa Command-Community, July 2014

Orlando Command-Community, June 2014

Palm Beach County Regional Command, May 2014

Kalamazoo Command-Community, March 2014

Toronto Command-Community, February 2014

Greensboro NC Command-Community, November 2013

Sanford Command and Community, May 2013

Sheboygan Regional Command Staff Trainings, February 2013

Charleston Regional Command Staff Trainings, January 2013

South Carolina Department of Public Safety Command, November 2012

Berkeley/Oakland Command and Community, November 2012

Rhode Island Command and Community, September 2012

See bottom of page 7 and top of page 8 of “Racial Disparity Oversight Commission Report to the (Wisconsin) Governor” for a description/evaluation of a series of trainings held in Wisconsin.

Palo Alto (CA), Multi-Agency Command Level, June 2011

Rhode Island, Multi-Agency Command Level, May 2011.

Rhode Island, Multi-Agency Command Level, March 2011.

LaCrosse (WI), Command and Community Training, December 2010

Wisconsin, Multi-Agency Command and Community Training, Summer 2010  
(“CS” on the form indicates it is from a community stakeholder; “LE” indicates law enforcement participant)